Dazzel and impress your clients, make their experience of you, your product memorable magical and out of the ordinary. Creating exceptional customer experiences that won't be forgotten.


Your party is a special occasion, but what about taking it to the next level. With Hafid Good you will be hosting a party that your guests will never forget. A party with best magic comedy.


Hafid Good is the number one choice for your corporate hospitality, his charm energy and sophistication will make your event unforgettable. Hafid Good can offer close-up magic to break the ice or mingle magic to help start conversations or even something magical to help launch your product. Undoubtedly a wonderful addition that is sure to impress..
His experience and creativity allows him to incorporate customise and create a bespoke magic trick with your logo, branding, or merchandise is a great takeaway for your clients and a memorable way of presenting your product and promotional material. Hafid Good’s magic has the ability to use technology, such as smartphones and ipads to really involve his audience and make them a part of the show. if that isn’t enough, the apparition of a car or even an aeroplane is also part of his repertoire.


Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy your special day. Hafid Good will break the ice, get your guest chatting and create the perfect joyful and magical atmosphere. Even the long photography moments will not be noticed. It doesn’t end there… Hafid Good will entertain your guests by performing best magic comedy dinner. And last but by no means least, blow your guests with the grand finale, an amazing levitation of one of your guests or even the bride, in the air right in front of your eyes.

“Hafid you’ve just blown us away, you created an unforgettable moment for a lifetime”