There is magic, and then there’s MAGIC !

Hafid Good London based, was born in Fez (Morocco) and grew up in France (Savoie).

Hafid Good has won numerous awards, including the first prize “Golden Celeste” in the prestigious Royal Magic Dream Competition 2010 in Belgium. He travels the world with his Close-up magic and stage Shows. He is as at home on stage, and also performing at private events. Always keen to show his audience his unique, professional and versatile style.

Viewers of all ages are mesmerized and dazzled by his charismatic presence, as he combines humour and audience participation. He understands the needs and wishes of his clients and viewers like no other. The ease with which he performs his tricks is the result of over 17 years of mastery, improvisational theater training, and dedication to perfection.

Be truly entertained! Experience a performance that will leave you speechless and spellbound by the experience of true magic, and in awe of a master of his trade.